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Prayer Pages - Prayer for the Day

Prayer for the Day

Prayer for the day superceded.

After writing approximately 200 prayers. I have decided to change this facility within the website. You can now find a "Devotional Page" here which carries the Circuit Prayer Diary, the themes of the Methodist Prayer Diary and our Tweet prayer of the day.

7 May 2015

For all candidates, election officials and those who will count the votes. We pray for ourselves as we enjoy the privilege of being able to exercise the right to express our choices.

As we have considered those choices and prayed for your guidance, let us remember your commandment to love our neighbours as well as we love ourselves. Amen

6 May 2015

Loving God, we thank you for guiding us in our lives. May our hearts know the quiet certainty of your presence. May we be faithful in everything we do today. May we know that, every day. You do more than we ask and more than we can understand. Amen.

5 May 2015

Lord our God, awesome is the faithfulness you show to us. We thank you that again and again we receive something new from you. Blessed be your name for ever. Amen

4 May 2015

God of all, we want to worship and praise you by all we do in our lives. May our thoughts, words and actions bring you glory. Amen

3 May 2015 - From our weekly notice sheet

Our hearts go out to the people of Nepal, in their suffering following the dreadful earthquake and the death and destruction that it caused.

In prayer we seek the Lord's help, in whatever way He can bring it to bear, to comfort the bereaved, to treat the injured, to guide the rescuers, to provide shelter for the homeless and, out of all the pain and misery, to provide hope for the future.

2 May 2015

Creator God, we thank you for the gifts of music which lift our souls and inspire our worship.

We celebrate those who you have inspired to compose the words and music which enable us to sing your praise in all the earth. Amen

1 May 2015

Loving God, as we start a new month we remember the blessings of the month that has gone. We look back and see your hand at work in our lives and we praise and thank you for so much. We pray that we may be aware of your guidance as we travel your path of love. Amen

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