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Prayer Pages - Prayer for the Day

Prayer for the Day

31 December 2014

At the close of the year we come to you in prayer.

We take some time to reflect on the things that have happened in the year which has passed.

Loving God we thank you that we can look back and see your presence beside us in the things which have happened during the year. In the good times and the not so good. The happy and the sad.

We thank you for the opportunities you have placed before us to deepen our discipleship through those we share our lives with, family, friends and strangers.

Lord we thank you for our lives and for your constant presence with us. Amen

29 December 2014

Loving God. After the rush and stresses of our Christmas in the world we take time to centre ourselves again on you.

To take time to relax in your presence and bring our lives to you in prayer.

As we look forward to a new year we reflect on the year that has passed and offer you all of those people and situations we have prayed for over the past year.

We thank you where we have seen prayer answered and ask for better vision where we have not been aware of your response to our prayers. We pray for perseverance when it is hard to pray and confidence to pray at all times for we are your children and you are our God. Amen

28 December 2014

Lord of all. We come to you in prayer to offer our day to you. May we be blessed by the awareness of your presence and filled with your Holy Spirit, that we may walk in your footsteps today.

May we feel your warmth in our hearts, your love in our souls and your breath in our lives. Amen

26 December 2014

Loving God, We thank you for the joy of Christmas time.

We see in your coming the simplest act of love and yet the most difficult to explain and understand. That you, our God, should come to live among us as one of us. Wholly human and wholly Divine.

We can try to explain and understand, we can isolate parts of the Bible story and claim proof or disbelief in the message it bring to us.

In our hearts and souls we know that you were present with us and how that presence is explained is a source of joy and wonder.

Immanuel - God with us - in awe and thankfulness we give you our praise and worship at this Christmas time. Amen

Love came down at Christmas. Love all lovely, Love divine.

25 December 2014 - Advent Day Twenty Six

On this Christmas Morning.
We stand ready before your manger
and bring to you our gifts
Our time, our talents and the good things you have provided for us

We are filled with joy in your presence.

In our time of watching and waiting you have prepared us for this moment
Our anticipation has heightened our experience of your coming
Our waiting has made us long for a closer relationship with you

We thank you for the quiet times in our busy lives where your love has shone through
Where in the season of Advent you have filled our lives with your love until they overflow into those around us.

Our patient waiting has brought us undeserved blessings

Yea Lord we greet thee born this Christmas Morning!
Jesus to thee be glory given. Amen

24 December 2014 - Advent Day Twenty Five

Loving God, on this Christmas Eve
we draw close to the stable
We draw close to your coming into your world as a fragile baby
Lord make us fully aware of the love you have for each one of us

We thank you for these weeks of prayer as we have made ourselves ready for your coming.
Through this time of preparation you have made our hearts ready to receive you
As our anticipation has grown we have become more aware of the need for you in our lives

Lord we pray that we may grow closer to you as we sense your coming.

Come, Lord Jesus!

19 December 2014 - Advent Day Twenty

Loving God, we thank you for this time of eager anticipation.

As we experience this time of waiting we become more fully aware of your constant love for us.

We thank you for this season and the blessings it brings into our lives.

Through this time of preparation and reflection make us ready to receive you. Amen.

18 December 2014 - Advent Day Nineteen

Loving God, like Mary we want to say yes to our part in your plan.

Like her, help us to set aside our doubts and fears and filled with your Spirit step forward in faith.

May we always be open to your messengers. Sometimes angels but so often friends, neighbours and even strangers. The people who stand in front of us.

So often we do not listen because we do not recognise the messenger or the message is a difficult one to accept.

At this Advent time we pray that you will fill us with your Spirit and enter fully into our lives. So that we may we rejoice and give you all praise and glory. Amen.

17 December 2014 - Advent Day Eighteen

Loving God, as we pray together today. We thank you for your Son Jesus.
A powerful and clear sign of your love for us.

We thank you for this Advent time as we are filled with hope and expectation of your coming again.

As we make things ready fill us with a longing to praise you.
As we sing our advent songs fill us with your joy and hope.
As we prepare ourselves to celebrate the mystery of your coming into the world make us ready for that rebirth of our Saviour. Amen.

16 December 2014 - Advent Day Seventeen

God of compassion and peace. We pray that you will renew and fill our souls with that compassion.

We pray you will open our hearts, prepared in this season of Advent.
So that we can follow your example of caring for others.

Grant us the vision to see how your light shines on all of the world and that you have such a special place in your heart for each one of us.

We pray for all people suffering in the world, through the lack of food, water, refuge or peace. Show us that, in your power, we can make a real difference in your world. Amen

15 December 2014 - Advent Day Sixteen

Our God, this day we praise you and once again offer you our lives.

Like all of those who have served you we ask for the courage and strength to be your faithful servants.

You know each one of us and the journeys we have travelled with you to reach today.

We praise you for our awareness of you in our lives. For the peace and strength and power you freely give to us. May we always be aware of you in our lives and in those we meet. Amen

14 December 2014 - Advent Day Fifteen

Lord we lift our hearts to you and thank you for the many blessings you give us. You hold and shelter each of us in your un-measurable love.

Help us to set aside the things of the world that separate us and hide us from you.

We rejoice in our worship today with all of our souls.
Help us to prepare our hearts to receive your unending love. Amen

13 December 2014 - Advent Day Fourteen

Lord as we open our advent calendars may we be aware of the doors you so often open for us. Of the many opportunities you give us to speak and act as your disciples in our daily lives.

As we anticpate your coming may we be aware that you are here with us in all of those we will speak to and help today.

May that awareness of your presence thrill and inspire us as we live out our faith today.Lord we offer you our all as we pray in your name. Amen.

12 December 2014 - Advent Day Thirteen

Jesus, we pray that during this Advent season
We will be guided by the light of your word.
Through your Holy Spirit we know your light in our lives and in the world.

We rejoice that, in you, we have a Saviour who loves us
and we eagerly await your coming.
Let us look forward to that day in excited anticipation and hope.

We thank you that we can be confident you will guide our steps
whatever we may experience today. Amen.

11 December 2014 - Advent Day Twelve

Lord, help us to wait for your coming with patience.
Open our ears to hear the things you want us to do as we wait.

Show us how to live our lives firmly held in your presence as we anticipate your coming.
We thank you for the many blessings you pour into each of our lives.

We are filled with awe and wonder knowing that you listen to our prayers and praise you for giving us the faith and knowledge that with you, all things are possible. Amen.

10 December 2014 - Advent Day Eleven

Loving God, you care for everyone in your world
Open our hearts and fill them with your compassion
Help us to see you in the faces of those around us.
The hungry, the homeless and those in any kind of need.

In the darkness of these Advent nights
Lead us in your wisdom.
Let us look forward in hope and anticipation,
to the coming of our Saviour.

God we place our trust in you and know that you will guide our steps
along our path through today. Amen

9 December 2014 - Advent Day Ten

Loving God, we know you are coming to us.
We feel that sense of anticipation and excitement,
as we await Christmas morning and the mystery of your birth.

We hear your voice calling sounding clear as a bell,
drawing us to you and we want with all our hearts and souls to find you.

Help us to believe that you, our God, are coming into each of our lives.
Our God, in this season of Advent, we praise, worship and adore you for your faithfulness and love. Amen

8 December 2014 - Advent Day Nine

God today we pray for the strength you offer us.

For your promise of Your Son's coming and the salvation he brings.

Remind us that we can not do this on our own even though we too often think we can.

Open our hearts to Your saving power, help us to kneel in Your presence and accept You and Your healing love into each of our lives. Amen

7 December 2014 - Advent Day Eight

Dear Lord, we pray for your wisdom. We pray that we may open our hearts to your coming.

We pray that all of those things which distract us from you may be set aside and that frantic activity which only harms us may cease.

Make us aware of the brightness you bring into our lives. Your companionship and love which is always with us. Help us remember the blessings you give each day. Amen

6 December 2014 - Advent Day Seven

Loving God, we think today of Mary. We think of her example and how we ourselves might live our lives. Aware of you, so full of love and compassion. May we learn from her willingness to say yes to you.

We pray that you will give us the courage to say "yes" to you in all things. Even when we are unsure of the path it will lead us on.

Free us from the things that keep us from you and others. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

5 December 2014 - Advent Day Six

God you are our refuge and we turn to you because we need help. We want to trust that we can rely on you. Your strength and power give us a place of safety Your protection is ever around us.

When we are under pressure in our lives we pray for your help, your protecting care.

In this season of Advent we pray for an awareness of your presence in the dark days of this world. Amen

4 December 2014 - Advent Day Five

Jesus, you are our King
We long for your coming.
Your promise of new beginnings
Your coming gives us the promise of salvation.
You lead us through our darkness
to the joy we long to find in you.

In the light of your love reveal the things in our lives we need to change.
Help us to make those changes in the promise of your coming and let peace be established in our lives and in the world. Amen

3 December 2014 - Advent Day Four

Lord, you are a generous God and provide for our needs.

As we pass through the early days of the season of Advent help us to learn to rely completely on you.

Give us ears to hear your voice and free us to open our hearts to the gifts that you have for us.

May we be ready to trust you in all things. Amen

2 December 2014 - Advent Day Three

God of forgiveness, we listen to the words of the prophets Speaking of the new life you will bring.

We pray for your strength to overcome our weakness As we prepare for your coming

May your Spirit enable us to draw closer to you. May we hear once again your words of forgiveness and reassurance. That you will come to change each one of us and through us your world.

May our words and actions show us to be willing messengers of your Good News. Amen

1 December 2014 - Advent Day Two.

Loving God, we sense that everything around us comes from you. We know that you are calling us back to your love.

Help us to be people of peace, in our dangerous and uneasy world. Help us to live your way of peace in all aspects of our lives.

May we prepare for your coming as we stand in the darkness of the world. God we ask that we be filled with excitement, anticipation and joy as we wait for your return. Amen

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