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November 2014

Prayers for November 2014

30 November 2014 - From our weekly notice sheet.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent but the Christmas Season has long since been heralded by the shops as the commercial bandwagon gets into gear. And, as the momentum increases, the razzmatazz becomes almost overwhelming before many slump into excess and self-indulgence. But we, as Christians, can strive, through our fellowship and witness, to separate ourselves from so much of the glitz and glitter so that we can marvel at the miracle of the birth of Jesus, God's Son, all those centuries ago.

28 November 2014 - A prayer for black Friday.

Loving God we pray for self restraint as we are offered things we don't really need.

We ask that you make us more like you. Replace our bad habits with good ones. Make us strong to resist temptation and eager to share the good gifts you have given to us. Amen

27 November 2014 - A prayer for those who entertain us through their sporting skills.

Lord as we mourn the death of cricketer Phil Hughes we place his family and friends into your loving care.

We pray for all who entertain us with their sporting excellence whether professional or amateur. We remember the dangers of many sports and pray for all of those who work to minimise and eliminate those dangers.

Lord we thank you that in your creative power you have given us such a wide range of athletic ability and the ability to appreciate the skills of others. Amen

26 November 2014 - A prayer for communities in tension.

Lord we pray for all of those communities around the world who are suffering from disorder and tension.

We pray for better community relations and for the work which goes into maintaining or restoring peace.

We remember especially the community of Ferguson and the tensions between the community and the police.

Lord we pray that in all of these situations we will work for the justice and peace you want for your creation. Amen

25 November 2014 - A prayer for our community.

Lord we bring before you our community. We pray for all who live in it and for all the activities they will take part in today.

We pray for those who are in education that they may learn exciting and new things today. We pray for those working that they might find fulfilment in their daily work. We pray for those seeking work that opportunities may be made available to them. We pray for those who are not well and all of those who care for them, may they know the healing peace of your presence.

Lord we place our community into your presence this day and every day. Amen

24 November 2014 - A prayer for ourselves.

Lord we pray for our day ahead. We ask that by your power we will be open to the things you want us to do and say today.

That we may be in the places you want us to be your light shining in our workplaces, homes and community. Amen

23 November 2014 - From our weekly notice sheet.

Thou dost keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee. Trust in the Lord for ever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock. (Isaiah 26: v3-4).

The poetry of these words has a timeless quality and the truth that the words contain is even more timeless. Our minds need to be 'stayed' - that is tethered securely - on the rock-like quality of God, especially when the going gets tough.

And, in prayer, we offer our deep gratitude to God for his steadfastness and for his faithfulness to us.

22 November 2014 - The Friends of Nixon Memorial Hospital, Sierra Leone have their agm today and so we pray for them and for Sierra Leone.

Lord, we bring before you all charitable work which seeks to restore the wholeness of your creation. Today we especially remember the meeting of the Friends of Nixon Memorial Hospital.

We think of the work they have done for the medical facilities at the hospital and improving sanitation in the surrounding villages.

We bring to you the terrible consequences of the Ebola outbreak, which has devastated the staff of the hospital and the community.

We pray for the international aid which is trying to control this terrible disease and give thank for all those who have volunteered to show their love for strangers far from home.

Lord as we look forward may your will be done as the charity plays a part in the rebuilding of the health care provision of Sierra Leone. Amen.

21 November 2014 - A prayer for the morning.

Lord, as we start a new day we come first of all into your presence. We offer to you everything which will happen in our lives today.

The planned and unplanned, the things we look forward to and those we are worried about, the good and the bad.

As we pass through the day may we be aware of you in everyone we meet. May we be open to opportunities you give us to serve others.

May our lives today shine your light into the world around us. Amen

20 November 2014 - As many talented young musicians have auditions for college courses today and for the next few weeks we pray for them.

Lord, you are in control of the whole world. We pray that you will calm nerves and give each performer your inner peace. Help each to perform to the best of their ability.

May they remember that you gave them their gifts and so may their worries and fears melt away as they have the opportunity to use them.

Give wisdom to those interviewing that they may see the talent and ability of each performer behind the nervousness and fear.

Lord we pray that your will be done. Amen

19 November 2014 - Our Church leadership meet tonight so we pray for all with responsibilities in the Church.

Lord we thank you that you inspire people to positions of leadership within your Church. Some willingly some reluctantly but all prepared to serve.

We place before you all of the planning and discussions which take place across your world wide Church. We pray that you use each one of us, within your plan, to make your message of Salvation relevant to the world today.

We pray for a real sense of your presence in our planning, as we channel our talents and energies into making disciples. Amen.

18 November 2014 - We pray for friends.

Lord we thank you for the friendships we have and for the joy that they bring into our lives.

We pray that we may always want to deepen our friendship with you.

On earth and in heaven our souls are enlivened by our friendships and for that we bless your holy name. Amen.

17 November 2014 - We pray for those who are unwell in body, mind or spirit.

Lord Jesus we pray for those who are unwell. We pray that your healing touch may rest upon them restoring them to wholeness.

We pray that they may know the peace of your presence. That their fears and worries may be reduced.

We pray for all of those who care for them. Their families, friends and professional healthcare workers. We thank you for their skills, compassion and love.

In your name we offer our prayers. Amen.

16 November 2014 - From our weekly notice sheet we pray.

We cannot see God but we can see where God has been. When we see deep goodness in extraordinary acts of grace, find strength beyond our own to endure life's sorrows, or encounter unexpected gifts of friendship or something sublime through art or music, it is these things which can be the sound of God to us. And, in prayer, we give thanks for them

15 November 2014 - As 34 of the Circuit's young people are at 3Generate this weekend we pray for them.

Lord we offer to you all that will happen at the 3Generate weekend we pray that our young people will have a fantastic and joyful time together.

We thank you for a safe journey and pray for safe travel home tomorrow.

We pray that as they play, learn and worship together they may catch sight of you.

In these few days and in the future we pray that you will continue to strengthen your lifelong bond with them.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen

14 November 2014 - A prayer for today.

Who can tell what today might bring?

Therefore, gracious God,

Help me to live it as you would want me to.

Full of life and enthusiasm.

Full of hope and expectation.

Full of an awareness of you.


13 November 2014 - A prayer for the world.

Creator God we marvel at the skills you have given to us. As a space probe lands on a comet we see more of your wondrous creation.

However, as we celebrate this marvel we remember that many people are homeless, refugees from poverty and war. Many people are hungry, many dying for lack of basic sanitation and medicine and so we pray for a change of heart in those in authority that there should be a fairer distribution of the good gifts you have given to all of us.

As we look to the sky help us to also look to our world. We pray that we will be active in seeking your kingdom in all of our actions today. Amen

12 November 2014 - A prayer for help in the struggles of the day.

Dear Lord, we pray that you will be our strength today. So often our days can be filled with struggles and difficulties.

We pray that we will be aware of your presence with us as we go through them. Carry us if we are too weak, steady us if we stumble.

When we fail to live as you would want us to forgive us. When we succeed in the tasks of the day may we praise you for you are worthy of all our praise and worship. Amen.

11 November 2014 - A prayer of Remembrance.

Almighty God we bring our prayers to you on this day of remembrance.

We bring before you all those women and men who have died in conflicts throughout the ages.

We pray for all those who were wounded in body, mind or soul.

Loving them, we honour their courage and hold them close in our memory.

As we look forward in our lives we place our faith in you for you are the source of life, peace and hope now and forevermore. Amen

10 November 2014 - As we remembered the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago yesterday we pray today for freedom in the world and in our own lives.

Loving God, give us the wisdom to see the subtle ways people can be enslaved and the courage to speak out for those who have no voice.

We pray that the barriers, physical, spiritual, emotional and political, which exist between people may be broken down.

As a new day starts enable us to marvel at the wonder, beauty and joy of your creation. Keep our needs and desires simple so we may be aware of our place and the freedom you give us in your creation.

When the struggles of life seem about to overpower us, open us to the freedom we find in your presence. Amen

09 November 2014 - From our Notice Sheet on Remembrance Sunday.

Remembrance Sunday this year is all the more poignant because 2014 is the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.

Many of us will have visited the Tower of London to see the red poppies planted in the moat, each one representing a life lost amongst the British and Colonial forces who were involved in that conflict. The Tower is surrounded by a sea of red and, by Armistice Day, 888,246 poppies will have been planted. The scale of the loss of life is so enormous that it defies belief.

So we commend to our Gracious Lord in prayer, those who have fallen in two World Wars and in many smaller ones, those who have suffered, and those who still grieve. Amen

08 November 2014 - As we have our Circuit Quiet Afternoon we pray

Dear Father, We pray that we will stay focused on you today. We pray that You will constantly remind us of Your presence with us. We pray that You will fill us with ideas and encouragement.

We want to praise You, Father, in all that we do. May our time of quiet together reveal You and Your pathway to us more clearly. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

07 November 2014 - We pray for opportunities to speak for and about God

Dear Lord, we pray today that You will use each of us and provide opportunities to show people how much You mean to us. Give us the words we need to say. Make us bold to proclaim your love and salvation. May our words be joyful and contagious. Amen.

06 November 2014 - We pray for a new morning.

The light of a new day has broken and in the light all of Your creation is revealed.

We pray that we may find the best the day has to offer, friendship, joy, blessings and guidance.

We take refuge in You when things are not right and pray your protection over us when faced with wrong thoughts and actions in ourselves or others.

Loving God bless our morning and each day with an awareness of Your presence with us. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

05 November 2014 - We pray for God's love for us.


Loving God we thank you for the sacrifice of the cross. Through Jesus' death our relationship with you is restored for all time.

We praise you that in that pain and sorrow you showed your love for a broken world and a sinful people.

We pray that our vision may grow in the light of our Saviour that we may value life and all of your creation.

We pray that our lives will be changed by the knowledge of the one who gave himself for us.

We offer this prayer in the name of our risen Saviour. Amen

04 November 2014 - We pray today for freedom in our lives and spirits.

Lord we thank you for the freedom we have in our lives.

We take a few moments of silence to remember those who do not have the freedom we enjoy.

We thank you for the freedom of spirit you bless us with.

We ask you now to fill our lives with your peace and joy. Amen

03 November 2014 - Lord we pray today for peace.

I pray for peace not only from war and conflict but also that peace which calms the soul and clears the mind.

Lord, you are the source of all peace and so I turn to you in prayer.

I pray for peace in your broken world and take time to recall all of those places where there is war, conflict and oppression.....

I pray that I be content with what I have, that I be prepared to put others before myself and that I choose to take your path and not my own.

Lord let your peace flourish within me and flow from me to the world around me.

In the name of Jesus the Prince of Peace. Amen

02 November 2014 - On the day of our Junior Mission for All service we pray for J.M.A.

We give thanks to God in prayer for all the good work undertaken by this Methodist charity, both at home and abroad.

We give thanks, too, for the money collected by the young people within our Church and may we ask that more children will step forward to collect and that the adults will feel prompted to give even more generously.

01 November 2014 - At the start of a new month we pray for the new things which will happen in our lives.

Father God, we pray for ourselves as we enter a new month. We pray that as we experience new things we may see you in them. We pray that we may be encouraged by those around us as we look for and discover new things and new ways to live out our faith.

This month may our prayer life be sustained and deepened. May we learn more of you in our worship, fellowship and in every aspect of our daily lives.

You are God and you are involved in every part of our life and we praise and worship you for that personal relationship in Jesus name we pray. Amen

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