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October 2014

Prayers For October 2014

31 October 2014 - On All Hallows Eve we remember those who have died and are no longer with us.

Loving God, we thank you for the life you have given us. On this day of the Christian calendar we especially remember those who have died. As we remember them we are filled with sadness but we also remember the joy and happiness we shared with them and those memories shed light into dark places.

We thank you that because of Jesus this is not a day for fear or despair but it is a time when we are reminded of your promise to us of life eternal. So we remember those who have gone from our earthly life and are assured that they are with you for eternity.

Loving God we praise you for that assurance and bless your Holy Name. Amen.

30 October 2014 - We pray for times of rest and refreshing.

Loving God we thank you for times of refreshing.

Times we can find space to spend in prayer and reflection. Time to step aside from the normal hassles of life.

We thank you for the insights we find in these times and the blessings you give us through them.

We return to normality with fresh ideas, revised priorities and lighter hearts.

We pray that we may not lose these things in the "normal" of our lives but that we may ever be aware of You.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen

I am away for a few days and am not sure if there is an internet connection where we are staying. If there is not then the prayer for the day will not be updated until my return.

I apologise for this break in the publishing of the prayer. I will of course still be praying!

24 October 2014 - We pray of God present with us.

Loving God, I come to you and feel your breath
Fall softly on my face
I come to you and feel your touch
Rest softly on my hand
I come to you and hear your voice
Call softly in my ear
I come to you and feel your arms
Wrapped softly round my soul
For you are my God and as I pray I know you are here. Amen

23 October 2014 - Those of us who are on the Westminster Central Hall prayer list have been asked to pray for the stationing process as they look for a replacement for Rev. Martin Turner. So today we pray for the whole stationing process across Methodism.

God, our Father, we turn to you for your divine help and guidance as the stationing process progresses. We need your wisdom to guide and lead these decisions and so we pray for your presence in this process.

We pray for those involved ordained staff who are moving, as they seek to discern your will for the place they will labour for you.

For the District Chairs, as they seek to match person to place that they may know your presence with them.

For all those involved in the invitation committees, that they may be open to the promptings of your Holy Spirit as they review profiles and meet together.

We pray your blessing on this process through Christ, our Lord. Amen

22 October 2014 - A prayer for our journey with God today.

Lord, help me to be a better Christian today than I was yesterday.

Help me to grow in my faith as I travel on your way.

Speak through me of your love and passion for your people.

May your Holy Spirit encourage, energise, empower and enable me to be bold in your service today. Amen

21 October 2014 - As storms threaten the country we pray for all of those impacted by the weather.

God you are our Creator God the world and everything in it is Yours. We need the weather to make our lives possible. The blessing of rain, the fresh winds, the beauty of the thunderstorm.

Father God, we pray for those whose lives will be affected by the extremes of weather today. Those caught up in traffic disruption, those who may lose electricity supplies. We pray that all may be kept safe. We pray that those who use the road may be mindful of the weather conditions and drive appropriately. We pray for patience as disruption causes delay and that we are not tempted to take out our frustration on others.

We offer you these prayers in Jesus name. Amen

20 October 2014 - A prayer for Jesus with us.

Lord Jesus, I pray that you will be a light shining in front of me,

Show me your pathway and guide my footsteps in your light,

Lead me as a shepherd leads his flock:

Today and forever. Amen

19 October 2014 - From our weekly Notice Sheet.

We pray for the family of Rev Geoff Cornell, Superintendent of the Enfield Circuit who died suddenly last week.

We pray for Geoff's wife Christine and their family.

We pray for Geoff's friends and congregation who have been stunned by this sudden tragedy

We give thanks for Geoff's life and the witness he has been for you in people's lives. We know You now hold him with You in glory. May we all be upheld by grace. Amen

18 October 2014 - We pray for our senses and the things of God they reveal to us.

Lord Jesus, open my eyes - so that I may really see.

Open my ears - so that I may really hear.

May each of my senses:

Make me aware of others and of everything around me.

May all of my experience draw me ever closer to you. Amen

17 October 2014 - We pray for those we meet today.

Loving God we pray that as we go about our daily lives.

We will recognise you in the people we meet.

We will reveal your glory in the things we do.

We will love as you have called us to love.


16 October 2014 - We pray for the power of the Holy Spirit.

Loving God we pray that you will teach us:

Teach us to breathe deeply in faith.

Teach us to draw your life giving Holy Spirit into our lives as easily as we breathe in air.

Teach us to use that life giving breath to speak your Word and not be afraid.


15 October 2014 - We pray for the leadership of our church.

Lord we pray for our church council meeting tonight. May we seek your pathways and walk by your side.

As we plan the life of our fellowship we pray that we may be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Let our plans and activities be blessed by you so that we may spread your Good News in our local community.

We pray in the name of Jesus our Saviour. Amen

14 October 2014 - We pray for an awareness of your presence.

Lord we pray for a place of calm in our lives. For the moments each day that we can open ourselves to your Spirit and really feel your presence with us.

We know that we are precious to you and that you are with us all the time but in the hectic lives we lead it is easy to forget that and not to be aware of you.

We pray that we may consciously find the discipline to make time for you. We know that if we do this your calm will spread through our lives and enable us to cope better with the many activities in our busy lives.

We thank you for your presence and your many blessings in our lives. Amen

13 October 2014 - As health workers feel compelled to take industrial action we pray for all in the health sector employed and voluntary.

Lord we pray for all involved in the health profession. Those in paid employment and those who give up their time voluntarily to help those unwell in body, mind or spirit.

We thank you for the skills they have and their dedication to restoring people to wholeness of both body and mind.

We pray for the great advances in medicine which have been made and for the problems that these brings as well as the benefits.

We see terrible choices that have to be made because of financial implications of treatment and we especially pray for those who are involved in these life and death decisions.

We pray for all of those who feel that their conscience and financial position means they have decided they have no alternative than to support industrial action.

We pray for all involved in talks to resolve these issues and who work for a negotaited settlement to the dispute

We offer our prayer in Jesus' name. Amen

12 October 2014 - From our weekly Notice Sheet.

We all continue to pray for: The people of Syria in their fourth year of civil war.

3 million are refugees in other countries and 6 million are internally displaced.

The people of Ukraine in their many troubles and for Peace and reconciliation in the Holy Land.

11 October 2014 - We pray for a opening of our lives.

Lord we pray for a vision from you.

As we see a world in so much chaos and confusion.

As we see people turning inward to look after their own.

As those that have much seek to take more from those who have little.

Lord help us to see your way and not ours. Help us to be generous and caring, helpful and loving. For we know that is what you call us to be. Amen

10 October 2014 - We pray for those who are addicted to worldly things.

Loving God we pray for all of those addicted to negative things of the world.

Things which seem to add meaning and fulfilment to their lives, whilst really causing so much harm to them and those around them.

We pray that they may see the harm their actions are causing and that they may find the help and strength they need to change their lives.

We pray for all of the volunteer and professional services who work with them to break the cycle of addiction.

Lord we pray that you will lay your healing power upon them through the hands of those who freely give their time and energy to address these great problems.

We pray these things in the power and strength of your Holy Spirit. Amen

09 October 2014 - We pray that today we may see God

Father God we pray for ourselves today. May we catch a glimpse of you through the things we do and the people we meet today.

May we overflow with your love and be an influence on the world around us.

We pray that your Holy Spirit might challenge, inspire and equip us as we share our lives and our stories today. Amen

08 October 2014 - We pray for peace

Holy One we continue to pray for the situation in the Middle East. As bombing intensifies and bloodshed increases.

We pray that the art of peace and not war may be practiced. May there be a reconciliation between factions.

Lord we pray for the political, economic and religious causes of conflict which are so often wrapped up and portrayed as purely religious to suit political agendas.

We pray for an ending of all conflict and a fair and even sharing of the good things you have given to us. Amen

07 October 2014 - We pray today for the lonely

Loving God we pray for those who are without love.

Those who are lonely whether through life's circumstances or through age.

We pray that we may make the time to break that cycle of loneliness in those that we know.

Your love is shown as we sacrifice our time to bring fellowship and joy into the lives of others and so we dedicate ourselves to those activities today. In Jesus name Amen

06 October 2014 - We pray for the use of Social Media.

Father God we pray for all who use social media may we be aware that the words we use are directed at real people and not inanimate unfeeling objects.

We so often fall short of the standards you have set for us, help us to be aware of your love for the world. Help us to use social media to spread good things and not negative. To build up rather than knock down. To nurture rather than destroy.

We praise you for the good things technology brings us. The ability to join with those who are far away from us to share with those we cannot meet face to face to explore information and ideas which would not have been available to us in the past.

Loving God may we use social media wisely and to further your kingdom. Amen.

05 October 2014 - From our Weekly Notice Sheet - This Sunday we celebrate Harvest Home.

For the food that grows, for the vibrant colours of the wonderful flowers,

and for all the Harvest that God has given to us, we turn to our Heavenly Father in prayer

and offer Him praise and thanksgiving with all our hearts.

04 October 2014 - As we prepare for our harvest service we pray for the harvest and for those for whom there is no harvest.

Creator God, we thank you for our daily bread and for all who work to bring the harvest in.

We remember those whose harvest is poor, whose crops have failed who have no hope of feeding themselves or their families.

We pray for those who bring relief into these terrible situations. We pray that we may be generous from our plenty that all might share from your plentiful provision.

Creator God, you are the provider of all that we have and so we bring our thanks today. We pray that the beauty of this world and the love that created it might find real expression through our lives. May we be a blessing to others. Amen

03 October 2014 - We pray for the day ahead of us.

Loving God we thank you for this new morning. For the anticipation of the day ahead of us and the things that the world will reveal to us.

We place into your loving care all of the things which will happen today. The brilliant things, the difficult, the painful and the sad.

We thank you for the time we will spend with you today, may we be alive to your presence with us. Amen.

02 October 2014 - Today we pray for our life of prayer.

Lord, we bring before you our prayer focus and that of our churches. We pray that we may be a house of prayer.

We want to be able to pray first, always, continually and thankfully. May we recognise that this is your desire for all of your people.

Lord help us remember that we do not need fancy words, deep words or clever words to pray. Rather we need to come to you in simple and humble ways rejoicing, praising, worshipping, asking for your forgiveness and help.

Lord let our prayer ministry be a powerful and effective one for we pray in the power of the Holy Spirit and in Jesus our Saviour's name. Amen

01 October 2014 - Today as our Worship Consultation meet to plan our worship together we pray for our Worship.

Dear Lord, we pray for our worship together. That in our praise and worship we may bring you our very best.

May we experience the presence of your Holy Spirit as we pray, sing and hear your Word together.

Lord today we especially pray your blessing on the meeting of our Worship Consultation group. As we plan our worship together may we always remember that it is you that we worship.

May we, as we explore our worship together and think of new opportunities, seek to create God shaped spaces where all can hear your message of Good News.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen

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