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Prayer Pages - Prayer for the Day

Prayer for the Day

31 January 2015

Loving Lord, open our hearts to those around us make us aware of the needs of your people. Give us the strength and courage to speak your Word into the world today.

Where we can help let us be generous, where we are powerless make us aware of your power, where we are overburdened remind us that you carry our burden with us. Aid us to be good disciples this and every day. In the power of the Holy Spirit we pray. Amen

29 January 2015

Loving God, may the warmth of your love fill my life today. Let it overflow from me to the people I meet and let it guide my thoughts and actions this day and every day. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

28 January 2015

Lord, we come to you today and thank you for the gift of music. A gift which mirrors our emotions and fills us with delight. We thank you for the human skills of musicianship and composition which so light up our lives.

Lord, we thank you that we can join with the heavenly host and bring our praise and worship to you in music. That, through music, your love and glory may find expression in our world and lives. Amen

27 January 2015

Lord as we pray today we remember all those who died in the Holocaust; remembering also those whose lives have been ended by genocide, and those far too many who are still suffering and dying in the world today.

Merciful God, inspire us to stand against all oppression and persecution. Give us the courage and voice to speak out against injustice and our inhumanity to each other so that your kingdom might come. Amen

26 January 2015

Lord, as we start a new day we pray that we may discover you in all the things we do today and see you in all of the people we meet today.

May our love be vibrant and constant. May we speak often to you and of you today. Amen

25 January 2015 - From our weekly notices we continue to pray for the Ebola outbreak

There was good news last week from West Africa because infection rates for Ebola had fallen to their lowest level for six months, allowing children in Guinea to return to school.

We give thanks to God in prayer for this significant improvement after all the suffering, and thank Him too for all the help given by other countries in the world, involving people putting their own lives at risk in order to treat and prevent the spread of the virus. May we continue to remember the people of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

24 January 2015

Lord, we come before you as we are. Imperfect in our humanity.

We ask you will help us in our journey in your grace and by the power of your Spirit.

May our outlook, behaviour and desires become more like yours.

May we always see the good in others and help us to encourage and build up everyone we meet this day. Amen.

22 January 2015 - As we meet as the Circuit Stewards team we pray for all in positions of responsibility in the Church.

Dear Lord, we pray for those in leadership in your church. We ask that You will inspire them to dwell in the depth of your love. Help them to seek your guidance through the power of your Word. Give them and us a vision for your church that we may work for the glory of your kingdom.

Help us to remember that we can do the things that need to be done and not leave them to others. Help us to give of our time and talent and to encourage others to do the same. In Jesus' name Amen.

21 January 2015

Loving God, As we pray we pause to think of the love you pour out on us.

We pray that today we may be aware of encouragement and growth in our lives. As we pray we remember those things we have done which have deepen our relationship with you.

We pray and commit ourselves to giving sufficient time to those things so that we may continue to know you better. Amen

20 January 2015 - Democracy Day

Dear Lord, on this democracy day we pray for all of your people.

We pray especially for all in positions of power that they might exercise that power for the good of all and not the few.

We pray for ourselves that we may fully participate in the democratic process. May we hold our elected representatives to account, take time to understand the breadth of the parties and policies we vote for and actively involve ourselves in the fight against injustice and oppression.

We pray for those places in your world where there is no democracy, praying that change will happen to bring all leaders to have accountability to their citizens. Amen

19 January 2015

Lord, as we pray together may we remember that around the world many join us in their pray time with you .

May we, as we pray as individuals, be aware of the great community of prayer which gives you praise and glory.

As we join in our personal devotions we are gathered together as the body of Christ. May we know your presence with each one of us.


18 January 2015 - From our Notice Sheet

May we continue to pray for the people of Syria, in their fourth year of civil war, and the people of the neighbouring countries facing a flood of refugees.

As unimaginable as it is, itís reckoned that half of the Syrian population has been forced to move.

16 January 2015

Lord, we pray that we may be aware of the shoots of faith that we see in others. Help us to nurture those shoots so that we may build up and not knock down.

Show us the ways that we, in our daily lives, can encourage the growth of knowledge of you in others. Give us words of encouragement and let our actions speak loudly of your love today. Amen.

15 January 2015

Loving God, today we pray for the strength to pray for those we do not get on with and those who we find difficult to deal with.

We pray that we may be loving in our relationships with everyone. That we may be patient when we might be annoyed, understanding when we might not wish to care. Remind us that we are all made in your image and give us the strength we need to be the best disciples we can be.

May your Holy Spirit's power flow in us today, in Jesus name we pray. Amen.

14 January 2015

Loving Lord you have shown us by your example how to lead our lives.

In silence we offer our cares and concerns to you ......

Lord we ask that as we pray for today and times ahead we may remember the answers we have received to prayer in the past and give our thanks and praise for those answers.

As we ask we freely give ourselves to your holy will, knowing that you alone know how best to answer our prayers. Amen.

13 January 2015

Dear Lord, as we rise from our night of rest, open our hearts and minds to you, place words on our lips that we might praise you.

Guide us as we walk with you and help us at all times in all things. When temptation comes to us make us strong and faithful. Give us peace and love in our hearts so that we may be your hands and voice in the world today. As we start this day in your presence may we end it knowing we have walked in your footsteps.

In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

12 January 2015

Our Father, and our God, we pray that you will draw us to you, that as we draw closer you will increase our love toward one another. May our love for you be visible in our lives like a light shining on a hilltop.

Father, as we pray in your presence, we open ourselves to your Holy Spirit so that we may be guided, empowered and enabled to do your will. Help us in our daily lives as we follow you as your disciples. We offer this and all of our prayers in Jesus' name. Amen.

11 January 2015 - As we sharin our covenant service we pray the covenant prayer.

I am no longer my own but yours.
Put me to what you will, rank me with whom you will; put me to doing, put me to suffering;
let me be employed for you, or laid aside for you, exalted for you, or brought low for you;
let me be full, let me be empty, let me have all things, let me have nothing:
I freely and wholeheartedly yield all things to your pleasure and disposal.
And now, glorious and blessed God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, you are mine and I am yours.

10 January 2015

Today is another day, O Lord. We know some of the things it will bring us but some will be surprises.

Be with us in everything which happens today. If in activity or rest may we be aware of the opportunities you place before us to know you better. Amen.

6 January 2015

Lord we are like candles
Fragile flames shining in the world
Our light flickers with every breath of wind
We are vulnerable to every passing disturbance

Lord we pray for your presence with us today
So that your light will shine brightly from us
May we light the lives of those who are in dark places
May we light the path for those who are seeking you
Let us be a light shining in your service this day. Amen

5 January 2015

Loving God we continue to pray for West Africa and the ongoing Ebola crisis. We pray that the skills you have given us may be used to develop an effective vaccine to combat this terrible disease.

We pray for all those who are willingly risking their lives to bring medical aid to all those suffering from this infection.

We pray especially for nurse Pauline Cafferkey as she continues her fight against her own infection and for all of the medical staff involved in her care.

May your healing power O God flow through the world. Amen

4 January 2015

In all things I offer myself to you my God.

Give me the strength and courage to be the best disciple I can be.

May my head, hands and heart all be ready to show your kingdom to the world around me. Amen

3 January 2015

Lord we bring to you our lives.

We pray that you will take each one of us and use us to further build your kingdom.

Release our creative talents to create beautiful things which speak of you.

Release our tongues so that we may speak confidently of your central part of our lives.

Release our time so that we may make space to deepen our relationship with you.

Release our hearts so that we can freely offer you the praise and adoration we want to give to you.

Lord everything we have comes from you and we gladly offer all we can back for your service. Amen

2 January 2015

Lord I pray this day that I will be a willing disciple ready to do the things you want me to.

Give me conviction that I am doing the right things. The courage to face the things that worry me and complete confidence that you are with me in everything I do.

May my words and actions always speak of you. Amen

1 January 2015

Loving God as yesterday we prayed for the year which is behind us today we pray for the year ahead of us.

May we in all the things we have planned always place you at the centre.

In the things which just happen may we see your hand at work guiding us into a deeper relationship with you.

In the good things which will happen may we celebrate with you.

In the things we hoped would not happen may we be aware of your arms of love holding us close to you and keeping us safe.

Lord you are our rock and refuge and we build our faith on that firm foundation. Amen

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