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Quiet Service - Resources

We agreed some time ago that, where appropriate, the material produced for the Quiet Reflective Evening Service should be made available for those who could not attend the service but would like to participate in the prayer life of our Church in this way.

This page contains links to these resources. They will be added to as services take place.

In these quiet services we take time together in reading the scripture, singing quietly but mainly in prayer.

I pray you will find this material helpful in some way.


I would recommend having a Bible and a copy of Singing the Faith and possibly Songs of Fellowship available as you travel through these reflections.

Quiet Reflection - January 2016 - "Pray my Pockets!"

Carol Service - December 2015 - "An Angel appeared to them"

Quiet Reflection - November 2015 - "Pray your way to Work"

Quiet Service 19th July 2015 - "Prayer Walk"

Quiet Service 21st June 2015 - "Touched by Angel Wings"

Quiet Service 26th April 2015 - "Doubting Thomas?"

Quiet Service 15th March 2015 - "Take up your cross and follow"

Quiet Service 15th February 2015 - "Let there be Light"

Quiet Service 16th November 2014 - "Decisions, decisions"

Quiet Service 19th October 2014 - "Planning to Succeed"