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Praying from the contents of my pockets

What's in my pocket? - Some reflective thoughts and prayers: from the contents of my pockets.

As those who have seen some of the material I put onto the website, in the Quiet Service area, will know that I like to find things to help with my prayer time.

Some of you will also know of the place in the Hobbit where Bilbo finds the One Ring and plays a riddling game with Gollum. Where his final riddle is "what have I got in my pocket?"

Realising I carry a lot in my various pockets. I have decide to use the contents as inspiration for a series of prayers.

As ever, I hope this will both encourage you and be helpful to you in creating your own "prayer time".

I will add one theme a day for the next couple of weeks - I did say there were a lot of things in my pockets!!

Since I started this I have realised that the material is going to be too long for a single page and so I have split each day into a seperate page so click on the links below to access each of them.

Day One - Three Horse Chestnuts.

Day Two - My Church Keys.

Day Three - My iPod and some Plectrum.

Day Four - My Reading Glasses.

Day Five - My Lanyard and Work ID Card.

Day Six - Some Money.

Day Seven - Some Safety Pins.