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Praying on the way to Work


I take quite a while to get to work each day and when other distractions do not take me away from my thoughts, I like to pray my way to work.

I have decide to add an example, of one days prayers, which I hope will both encourage you and be helpful to you in creating your own "prayer walk to work".

St Albans

St Albans Station

I pray for all of those who will join me in this journey to our capital city today. Those travelling to work, school or visiting friends and relations.

Those travelling to and from the airports by train. Those full of excitement and anticipation of holidays and those weary as their travelling homeward is almost done.


Radlett Station Sign

I pray for our fellowship in Radlett and the work that Andrew and the church members do in that community.

For the ecumenical work of the churches as they share together to develop worship, fellowship and new ways of working together.

For the interfaith relationships in that diverse community.

Elstree and Borehamwood

Elstree and Boreham Wood Station Sign

I pray for all of those involved in the entertainment industry at the BBC studios in this place.

For our leisure time that it might be creative and refreshing building us up in mind and spirit.

Mill Hill Broadway

Mill Hill Broadway Station Sign

As the station closest to the Saracens ground I pray for all those whose work it is to entertain us with their sporting talents.

For the unseen work they do preparing their bodies and minds to give of their best in sporting competition for our pleasure and joy.

For all of those who give their time to amateur sporting activity and for the team spirit of playing or watching sport together.


Hendon Station Sign

I pray for the Police force and the training college here.

For all of those whose job it is to keep us safe and protect us from those who would do us harm.

For all who are involved in the upholding of the legal system in this country as court officials or representatives of those who find themselves within the criminal justice system.


Cricklewood Station Sign

Cricklewood has a strong Irish community and so I pray for the saints of Ireland who have added so much to our worship and liturgy.

For celtic art and music which so enhances our ability to explore different ways of worshipping God together.

West Hampstead

West Hampstead Station Sign

The first main interchange on my journey. I pray for those leaving the train to continue their journey on the underground or other lines.

I pray that interchanges may be smooth and trouble free.

Kentish Town

Kentish Town Graffitti

As we approach the centre of London I pray for those who work in this part of London.

I pray that their work may be creative, productive and fulfilling.

At King's Cross.

Kings Cross Station

Pray for all of those thousands of people who are travelling to day whether to work, on business or for pleasure

Remember all of those who travel to unwelcome appointments, those who are journeying to interviews, to joyful meetings with family or friends.

On the Underground

We pray for all those who work on our transport network, drivers, station staff, administrators, cleaners and those who look after our safety as travellers.

Piccadilly Line Graphic

Russell Square

Russell Square Station

As we pass through Russell Square we remember the terrible bombings which happened on the 7th of July brought back to vivid reality by the terror attacks in Paris so recently. So we pray for all those who have been affected by terrorism and violence and those who continue to be oppressed around the world.

We pray for leaders, peacemakers and volunteers who give of their all striving to restore your peace to the world.


Holborn Station

Holborn has a number of office blocks which house many companies. As we pass through this station we pray for the industries of the capital and those who work in them. May they give of their best today and be fully appreciated an rewarded for their labours.

As we pray for those in work we also remember those who are looking for work. Those who will have job interviews today. We pray your blessing on their endeavours today.

Piccadily Circus

Piccadilly Circus Station

We pray for all of those visiting London on holiday and all of the exciting things they will do today. May their holidays be a time of rest and recuperation, a time of enjoyment and relaxation.

For those travelling into the city to shop may they be aware of the work which produced their purchases and the service of those who will deal with them as they buy the things they need.

Leicester Square

Leicester Square Station

We pray for all of those working in the entertainment industry as they perform to entertain others. For those who work in the restaurant industry and feed those who are spending their leisure time in the city.

We pray for the cultural centre of the city and the museums and art galleries which show the inginuity and beauty of your creation.

Green Park

Green Park Station

This is the nearest station to Whitehall and Westminster. So we pray for the leadership of our nation. The Queen and all of those in government. May they have at their very heart a care and concern for the individual. May they not be swayed by the few and the influence they have but seek a fair sharing of the good things you have provided in your creation.

We also pray for the Methodist Church as we are close to Westminster Central Hall and the place that wonderful building holds in the history of our denomination. We pray for all ministers and those in positions of responsibility in our Churches may they be inspired by your Holy Spirit in their work.

Hyde Park Corner

Hyde Park Corner Station

There are many memorials to the fallen around Hyde Park Corner and so we pray for those who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of others. As we ponder each of the memorials we remember their sacrifice for us.

Those who have given their lives in the past and those who continue to lay their lives on the line to secure our freedom.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park Tree

As I walk through Hyde Park I can not but feel the wonder of creation. The autumnal colours, the birds and animals, the people all enjoying the wonderous gifts of nature in this oasis of green space within the vast city which is London.

The gradual change of the leaves from green to wonderful colours of autumn.

Lord as I travel to work I offer you all those who I pass by, all those who flit through my mind, all those who are in need today. May your love, expressed by the actions of your people, touch the lives of all those I have prayed for as I make my way to work.

Lord I pray that you bless my time at work today may my attitude and dedication reflect your call on my life. May I give of my best today in both my paid employment and in everything I do for you this day. Amen