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Glenferrie Players - 1962 - 1970


Archive Material

This page is under construction at the moment and will be added to as soon as possible.

If you have any further material about the Glenferrie Players I would be delighted to add it to the site with your permission.

During the 1960's the church had an active amateur dramatic group - The Glenferrie Players. I have been passed the archive material for the group and include it here in this part of the website so that it is not lost.

I will include some brief minutes of various meetings, photographs and where copyright allows the scripts used.


Thursday 1st November 1962 at 8pm

A meeting was called by Mr Walsh for discussion of the formation and future of the Drama Group.

Mr M Walsh was in the chair. First item time and day of the week most suitable for weekly rehearsals

Mrs Fitzhugh, gave the bookings of the various vestries, and said that Wednesday evening was the most convenient, everyone present could use Wednesday evening, with the exception of Miss Celia Kent for whom Wednesdays are booked until after Christmas, agreement was, to meet either Wednesday or Thursday until then, as the rooms are available next meeting on Wednesday Nov 7th '62 at 7:30pm and on Thursday 15th 1962.

Twelve letters were sent out with time and day of meeting. Letter of apology from Miss Susan Slough she is no longer available.

Attending were:-

Mr Walsh in the Chair. (PRODUCER)
Mrs Myra Bishop
Mr David Crofts
Mrs A Fitzhugh
Mr and Mrs Ford
Mr and Mrs Hawthorn
Miss Ruth Houghton
Miss Celia Kent
Miss Sylvia St Clair
Mr John Woodwood

Apologies of absence from Mr Merton

It was agreed that the Drama Group should be formed and the production should be about March 1963. Name of D.G. to be agreed at a future meeting.

Miss St Clair proposed that a subscription should be made by each member as it would be quite impossible to run a dramatic Society without money.

There would be many expenses and it would not be fair for these to fall on one or two people (Costumes and Scenery etc.)

Mr Walsh proposed an annual Subscription of 15/- but where members were a husband and wife, should be 25/- the two. This was unanimously agreed.

Mrs Fithugh asked if it was intended that the D.S. should remain within the church or was intended to throw it open to the public?

Miss St Clair said, she thought as it had been suggested as a church society it should remain so, as had an Operatic and Drama Society "The Mallory Players" that had been in existence through the war and after from 1942 - 1952 had been. Mrs Fitzhugh said it would then come under the church leaders and as it was formed through the campaign should really do so.

This was agreed, Miss St Clair suggested that the Rev. Paul Kimber, the resident minister should be asked to be the President.

Mr Walsh agreed to approach him with this request.

No other business, the meeting closed with agreement all round.

Chairman: Munro Walsh
Acting Secretary: Sylvia E St Clair
Date: 1/11/61.

The Glenferrie Players


A meeting was held at the church to discuss the recent production of "She Stoops to Conqueror"

Mr Walsh was in the Chair.

Those attending were:

Dr Norman Kent
Mrs Myra Bishop
Mr and Mrs Ford
Miss Ruth Houghton
Miss Celia Kent
Mr Graham Hill
Mr John Woodwood
Mr David Hawthorn
Mr Niles
Mr R Webb
Miss S E St Clair
Apologies of absence from.
Miss Barbara Gilfoyle
Mr David Crofts

Mr Walsh said the profits were about 20 after all expenses were paid and was paid over to the Church Treasurer towards the Boiler Fund.

The question was raised about funds for the Glenferrie Players expenses, Miss Kent suggested a float of three or four pounds to be retained from the profit for minor expenses which might arise, such as stamps, note paper etc. Mr Walsh said we could apply to the Treasurer for money for our needs as we wanted it, it was suggested that it was rather embarassing to have to apply for small amounts of money especially as we had made a profit of 20.

Mr L Crawley suggested that we might meet at memebers homes during the summer for play readings & coffee & light refreshments could be served and a small charge of 6d per person be made and used to go towards lighting and any small expenses we might have, Mr J Woodwood seconded.

Dr Kent wanted to know when we would return for serious rehearsals.

Suggestions were that several plays should be read at the Summer meetings, to find the most suitable for the next show.

Mr David Hawthorn suggested a modern play next time and that the dress rehearsals should be before an invited was also suggested to have "Stand-ins" for the next show if possible.

Mr David Hawrthorn brought in a long criticism from a Mr D C Lucas, a member of the audience, Mr Walsh asked him to thank Mr Lucas for his criticism.

Dr Kent suggested that the title and date of the following play should be announced on the Programmes also that a prompter should be appointed to attend rehearsals and attend all performances and remain all the time, also that the stage attendants should remain in the vicinity of the stage in readiness for all scenes on any eventuality.

Mrs Bishop said she thought the lack of warmth was due to the play itself not warming up. Saturday night audience was the best but it was really too late in the year.

Mr Walsh replied that he would book in advance before we started rehearsing the production nights and rehearsal nights and request that the Hall to remain free for our use for the whole week of productions to avoid other bookings of evenings in the same week.

He thanked all members for their support during the (bad) winter, at rehearsals, it was suggested tha a trip to town should be organised and invited suggestions.

1st coffee evening Mr Walsh May 30th 9pm.

Meeting closed at 10 o/c

Chairman: Mr Walsh
Secretary: S St Clair

The Glenferrie Players

The Annual General Meeting of the above was held at the church on 11th September 1963 at 8 p.m.

Letters of apologies and resignations from Mr S Miles, verbally from Dr Kent, Mr David Hawthorn, owing to pressure of work, letter to be sent to him.

Minutes of the last meeting read, agreed and signed.

Matters arising :- Subscriptions. Mr Walsh said "that this year, we must have subscriptions, it was suggested that a 15 /- sub. Should be paid each year, but, owing to the fact that so many members were persuaded to take part in the production of "She Stoops to Conqueror" it would be unfair to ask a sub from them as well, it was decided to waive the matter for that production, but this year there would be heavy royalties on a modern play, plus other expenses, which would have to be met before the production could be staged.

Mr David Croft suggested that he thought a subscription 10 /- annually would be enough.

Mr Walsh said "That last year it was decided that the subs would be 15 /- each but in the case of Husband & Wife membership it would be 25 /- the two, but if it were to be reduced to 10 /- it must be a straight payment of 10 /- each per person, and no difference made for a husband and wife membership.

Mrs Myra Bishop seconded this, carried.

Selection of officers and committee:-

President:- Rev P Kimber to be returned.

Mr Walsh returned as producer.

Mr Walsh wished not to be returned as Chairman, but this was, again, proposed by Mrs Kent and seconded by Mr David Croft, carried.

Secretary:- Mr David Croft proposed Miss Celia Kent, who said she would like to take office. Mrs Bishop seconded. Carried.

Stage Management and lighting:- proposed by Mr Walsh - Mr Len Crawley & Mr Shaw, "They had vast experience and had done so well for the previous production". Seconded by Mr Webb.

Ticket secretary and treasurer:- Mr Walsh proposed Miss St Clair this was seconded by Mr David Croft.

Committee of three:- Miss Lynn Bryant was proposed by Mrs Kent, seconded by Mr David Croft

Mrs Joan fernyhough, seconded by

Mr David Croft proposed by Miss Celia Kent seconded by

Any other business:-

Next production to be at the church hall. 19th, 20th 21st March 1964.

Suggested plays:-

Relative Values - Noel Coward

Tony Draws a Horse - by L Storm

As Long as They're Happy - proposed by Mrs M Kent, to be read by the play selection committee.

Mr Walsh, Mrs Bishop & Mrs Kent.

Mrs Bishop said "she thought it best for Mr Walsh to decide and present it to the company as the chosen one".

A trip to the theatre in London to see "Boeing Boeing" has been arranged by Mr Harold Webb on Saturday 19th October 1963. 8 p.m. Tickets are 21 /- each coach 6/6 = 27/6 each. 33 tickets must be sold. Coach to leave the church at 7 p.m. names to be given to Mr Webb.

Members Present:

Mr M Walsh                      Miss S E St Clair

Mrs M Bishop                   Mr J Woodwood

Mrs J Ford                       Miss R Houghton

Mr M Webb                      Miss L Bryant

Mrs M Kent                      Mr and Mrs Fernyhough

Miss Celia Kent               Mr David Crofts

Apologies for absence from Mr W Ford

Next meeting, for play reading, Monday 7th October at 8 p.m. at the church.

Meeting closed at 9-30 p.m.

Signed by outgoing secretary

S.E. St Clair 11/9/63

April 1968

"Night Must Fall" produced for three nights by Munro Walsh.
Cast: Ron Liffen, Myra Bishop, Eunice Walsh, Simon Russell.
20 given to Trust following this and previous production.

May 6th 1968 - Meeting at Townsend Drive

1). Discussion on possibility of providing a "dramatic incident with Christian application" for performance at Evening Service in the church on Sunday, July 14th.

2). Discussed possibility of full length production in November this year.

3). Reading (re item 1) of "One Hour to Dusk."

July 14th 1968

"One Hour to Dusk" produced by Munro Walsh at evening service.
Cast: Win Wilson.

Group discussion immediately follows performance in which congregation talks around pertinent points in the play.

Sept. 11th 1968

Meeting at Church hall. Agreed to do joint evenings of drama & music in conjunction with the choir - week ending Nov 16th.

Nov 18th 1968

Meeting following above performances, which consisted of choir items & sketches & a one act play "Vacant Possession" by drama group.

Monies taken to church kitchen fund.

Suggested Carol singing on Dec 20th in aid of Blind Club.

"Man Born to be King" (excerpt) to be performed in church at Carol Service on Dec 22nd.

Agreed to leave near full production until Autumn 1969.

Jan 15th 1969

Meeting at Bowsfields.

1). Discussed forthcoming church bazaar. (Ran cake stall and raised 20 in November 1969).

2), Full length production in Autumn if possible.

April 1969

Agreed to produce "Miranda" in week ending October 25th.

Producer: Munro Walsh
Cast: Eunice Davies (later taken by Geraldine Walsh), Christopher Walsh, Ray Walsh, Christine Walsh, Graham Danbury, Margaret Kent, Meg Bowfield, Joan Fernyhough.

Well received but audiences not quite as large as at previous shows.

Nov 26th 1969

Meeting at Danburys' play reading "Dangerous Corner" (Priestly)

Feb 4th 1970

Discussion re future but insufficient support for Autumn production. Left open possibility of production in March 1971.

March, April, May 1970

Play readings.

Choice of one act for production on evening of Church Bazaar.October 31st. Comedy preferred for this occasion.

"Charity Begins" Cast - 1966.

"Margaret Kent, Joan Fernyhough, Meg Bausfield and Ron Liffen.