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Church Council Papers

What is the Church Council

The Church Council has authority and oversight over the whole area of the ministry of the church, including the management of its property.

In practice, most of this responsibility is devolved onto other committees with authority to initiate action and co-ordinate the work done in the church in their own areas of authority.

They are responsibile for reporting to and advising the Church Council and are subject to its authority and oversight.

The Church Council usually meets four times per year - though extra meetings can be arranged if situations calling for quick decisions arise.

Papers which have been considered by the Church Council will be added here grouped by meeting date.

Annual General Meeting - 20th May 2018

Documents\2018-05-20\hrmc general church meeting 200518 minutes AP.docx

Minutes of the Annual General Church Meeting (20 May 2018)(Microsoft Word)

2017/18 Annual Report(Microsoft Word)

Church Council - 18th April 2018

Minutes of Church Council Meeting (18 April 2018)(Microsoft Word)

Agenda for Church Council Meeting (18 April 2018)(Microsoft Word)

Minutes of Previous Meeting (12 February 2018)(Microsoft Word)

Seeing our way to August 2023 Circuit Paper(Microsoft Word)

Seeing our way to August 2023 Circuit Paper Summary(Microsoft Word)

GDPR Report to Church Council vAP(Microsoft Word)

GDPR Briefing Paper (Microsoft Word)

GDPR Data Privacy Notice (Microsoft Word)

Church Council - 12th February 2018

Agenda for Church Council Meeting (12 February 2018)(Microsoft Word)

Consolidated Reports to Church Council (12 February 2018)(Microsoft Word)

Financial Report (12 February 2018)(Microsoft Word)

Perpetual Calendar Meeting Notes (12 February 2018)(Microsoft Word)

Church Council - 17th October 2017

Agenda for Church Council Meeting (17 October 2017)(Microsoft Word)

Consolidated Reports to Church Council (17 October 2017)(Microsoft Word)

Church Council - 30th August 2017

Minutes of Meeting (30 August 2017)(Microsoft Word)

Church Council - 14th June 2017

Agenda for Church Council Meeting (14 June 2017)(Microsoft Word)

Minutes of Meeting (14 June 2017)(Microsoft Word)

Consolidated Policies (14 June 2017)(Microsoft Word)

Church Council - 3rd May 2017

Unapproved Minutes of Meeting (03 May 2017)(Microsoft Word)

Papers for Church Council Meeting (03 May 2017)(Microsoft Word)

Church Council - 1st February 2017

Papers for Church Council Meeting (01 February 2017)(Microsoft Word)

Standard Form of Accounts (01 February 2017)(Microsoft Excel)

Church Council - 11th October 2016

Unapproved Minutes of Meeting (11 October 2016)(Microsoft Word)

HRMC Church Council Agenda 11 October 2016 (Microsoft Word)

hrmc church council as MANAGING TRUSTEES (Microsoft Word)

hrmc church council membership 2016-17. (Microsoft Word)

hrmc church council 11 10 16 committee reports (Microsoft Word)

hrmc church cocuncil accounts yr end 31 08 16 (Microsoft Excel)

SAW Circuit Accounts Statement 31 07 16 (Microsoft Excel)

SAW Circuit Budget 2016-17 (Microsoft Excel)

Conference Digest 2016 (Pdf)

Church Council - 13th June 2016

Unapproved Minutes of Meeting (13 June 2016)(Microsoft Word 81kb)

Agenda (Microsoft Word 96kb)

Previous Meeting (9th Feb 2016) Minutes (Microsoft Word 122kb)

Church Council Membership 2016/17 (Microsoft Word 103kb)

Register of Church Meetings 2016/17 (Microsoft Word 83kb)

Church Council Appointments 2016/17 (Microsoft Word 37kb)

Finance and Property Report A (Microsoft Word 26.5kb)

Finance and Property Report B (Microsoft Excel 15.4kb)

Safeguarding Policy (Microsoft Word 112kb)

Annual Report (Microsoft Word 5,186kb)

AGM Minutes (Microsoft Word 121kb)

Annual Church Meeting - 22nd May 2016

Minutes of AGM 22/05/2016 (Microsoft Word 121kb)

Calling Notice, Agenda and Nomination Form (Microsoft Word 138kb)

Minutes of Meeting 17th May 2015 (Microsoft Word 84kb)

Annual Report 2015 / 2016 (Microsoft Word 5.2Mb)

Church Council - 09th February 2016

Agenda (Microsoft Word 62kb)

Stewards Report (Microsoft Word 26kb)

Joint Working with Marlborough Road Proposal (Microsoft Word 57kb)

Treasurers Report A (Microsoft Excel 32kb)

Treasurers Report B (Microsoft Word 887kb)

Draft Minutes (Microsoft Word 122kb)