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"Battery and Bulb - Powered by the Son"


I recently led an All Age Worship and thought it would be good to make the resources available more widely. Please feel free to use as is or edit to your particular need.

I was thinking about our calling as Christians and the pressures that can put upon us.

To illustrate this I used as the example a battery and a light bulb. In this instance I used a powerpoint presentation for the graphics but the more talented could create "sandwich boards" to good effect. Which would enable far more participation than I was able to achieve.

First I introduced my two friends one happy and one very sad. Here they are....

Battery and Lightbulb graphic

For my service I let the children choose a name for each of them. With a bit of prompting they chose Betty the Battery and Lenny the Lightbulb.

Then I started the story.... As you can see Betty is as happy as can be because she is full of power. Lenny is not happy at all infact he is very very sad... (aaah) he has no power and so can not shine as he was made to do.

Betty was very concerned for Lenny and thought and thought as hard as she could. How could she help him?

Suddenly she had an idea.

Battery has an idea graphic

She could use some of the power that she has and share with Lenny so that he can shine!

Being an extremely clever battery she was able, even without arms, to order a connector from the electronics shop to allow her to share with Lenny.

Once it arrived she quickly connected the cables and oh what joy...

Lenny immediately burst into brilliant light.

Both of them were as happy as could be.

Sharing power graphic

All was well.

Betty was happy as se was helping her friend and Lenny was over the moon because he had enough power to shine.

But all was not well... for Betty began gradually to get tired as the power that she had began to run low.

Lenny was still smiling as the power he needed was still there.

Running low graphic

It could not last....

Soon Betty had no power left at all.

Once this happened Lenny suddenly could not shine anymore as he too was, once again, out of power.

Both empty graphic

What were they to do?

Well as as can only happen in a story Betty converted to be a rechargeable battery.

Now she re-fills her power from a solar powered generator so that she is able to continue to give power and support to Lenny whilst constantly being refilled.

Both full graphic

We too, as we live as Christians in the world, often feel we have exhausted our endurance and can give no more.

However, like Betty, we can be constantly refilled with the energy and passion we need to help others through our connection to Jesus.

We are not powered by the sun but even more marvellously powered by the Son of God in our lives.

Let us pray together.

Loving God, Jesus called us to love one another as he loves us. Help us to remain connected to the source of that love so that we may be willing helpers for God in our daily lives. Amen

C.H. 2015