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Worship Pages - We shall make Peace by Vince Gilbert

We shall make peace, obedient to God's Spirit,
We shall make peace, because the world is wrong:
Wrong, when each injury is left to fester;
Wrong, when the weeds of blame grow in the sun.
We'll plant our loving hearts in fields of hatred,
Nurture forgiveness to withstand the storm.

We shall seek faith, to strengthen the uncertain;
We shall learn truth, to tell in face of lies:
When all is dark, and hope has been forgotten,
We'll trust in God, and strike a spark of light:
To downcast hearts, the arm around the shoulder,
To wandering souls, the welcome in the night.

For so our Lord loved those who'd not yet loved him;
For so our Lord was open to the end.
He taught us pardon, so that we might serve him;
Taught us to serve him, that we might ascend:
We face down death, as those who stand for healing;
We rise, redeemed, as servants of our Friend.

Tune: Finlandia (StF 419)

Copyright Vince Gilbert 2014