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A journey through Lent - 2016

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Ash Cross

I have decided to write a set of daily devotionals for Lent this year.

The format of each will be:

An introduction.
A Bible passage,
A Hymn and
then a variety of prayers.

The prayers will include a contemplative saying, together with the ways it can be used. Then a long prayer and suitably edited versions for twitter and facebook.

I have sourced or created a number of images, which have occured to me as I have been writing the material, and I hope these will add to the reflections.

Ash Cross

Ages ago I found an article, on the internet, which talked of a spiral journey to the cross and used a wooden spiral with a figure of Jesus carrying his cross around that spiral. Each day, as part of a time of prayer, the figure was moved nearer to the centre of the spiral.

Unfortunately I have not been able to find or make one of these, so in its place I am going to use the cross labyrinth which I created for a Circuit Quiet day.

I do hope you find this material of some use during our journey through Lent. Please use it or disregard it as you feel it may help your own devotions during this period leading up to Easter.

If you don't agree with anything I say, please use it positively to guide your thoughts and prayers. I have taken on the equivalent of preparing a service every day for forty days so be gentle with me!!

I have used the New International Version for the Scripture readings as their copyright permissions are brilliant. If you have a favourite translation please use it in place of the one in the text.


Links to Each Day.

Day One - "Ashes to Ashes"

Day Two - "Rainbow Bridge"

Day Three - "Dark Skies"

Day Four - "Sacrificial Giving"

"Bonus" - 1st Sunday of Lent.

Day Five - "Lion and Lamb"

Day Six - "Passed Over"

Day Seven - "The Prayer"

Day Eight - "The Priest"

Day Nine - "The House"

Day Ten - "The King"

Day Eleven - "The Son"

Day Twelve - "The Stone"

Day Thirteen - "The Scorn"

Day Fourteen - "The Appeal"

Day Fifteen - "The Forsaken"

Day Sixteen - "The Champion"

Day Seventeen - "The Name"

Day Eighteen - "The Chosen Servant"

Day Nineteen - "The Servant Israel"

Day Twenty - "The Sinless Servant"

Day Twenty One - "The Suffering Servant"

For Day Twenty to Day Forty Please click here"