Bell Shaped Labyrinth
    Bell Shaped Labyrinth Bell Shaped Labyrinth Bell Shaped Labyrinth

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Circuit Quiet Half-Day

Labyrinth Journey's

Having used my Cross Labyrinth in our recent Lenten Journey. It has inspired me to add the resources I produced for a Circuit Quiet Day which used this and three other shaped labyrinths.

The Circuit Quiet half day was held at Digswell Village Church with a theme of "Our walk with God". These pages contain some of the resources which were used on the day. As with everything I add to the website they are made available here for anyone who would like to use them. My hope is that they will help you to draw closer to God in your Christian journey.

As you will soon realise I am "no artist" so the pictures are perhaps not as good as I would have liked but hopefully they are enough to give the idea.

The afternoon was divided into four sections each utilising a very simple labyrinth design. The labyrinths were drawn out on 12' x 9' decorating sheets and were designed so that they could be walked and used as physical aids to reflection. As such I decided that these should not be as complex as, for example, the traditional Chartres Style labyrinth designs.

Although the large Labyrinths were helpful it is possible to use the smaller versions and travel with your fingers rather than your feet when using the reflections.

Our reflection, on the day, was greatly helped by the use of Rev. Nick Young's full size Labyrinth which was laid out in the Church. I am very grateful to Nick for his generous loan of his Labyrinth.

My designs used were of: A Bell, An Icthus, A Triquetra and A Cross.

A Summary of the session themes:

The Bell Labyrinth - calls us into the presence of God;

The Icthus Labyrinth - gives us time to consider the path we are on and whether it is the one God wants us to be on;

The Triquetra Labyrinth - allows us time to dwell in the presence of God;

The Cross Labyrinth - sends us out into the world to spread the Good News.

I will add one of the sessions each week for the next four weeks.

To access the material used for each of the sessions please click on the links below.

Session One - God's Call

Session Two - Our Response to His call

Session Three - Resting in God's Presence

Session Four - Going Out into the World

"Bonus" Session - A Clay Labyrinth